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The Bellport, Hagerman, East Patchogue Alliance Annual Summary of Services

Support services are provided to tenants in budgeting, money management, job readiness, and job referrals. Tutoring and educational programs for school-age children, and programs for the care of the aging. The Alliance is offering services in the following areas:

The Housing Rehabilitation program

The Housing and Rehabilitation Program has made the most dramatic change in the communities ability to improve itself. To date, the Alliance has acquired 64 homes in the Bellport, East Patchogue areas and sold of 15 at very affordable prices to tenants living in the unit. Tenants living in these homes can count on good quality housing, reasonable rents and responsible management.

Utilities Assistance

The Alliance provides utility assistance to families in crisis during the winter months if they qualify. This is an emergency fund to prevent utility shut off (Project Warmth) when funds are available.

Housing Counseling Program

The Alliance received its certification to provide Housing Counseling in 1982, and since then the counselor have been recertified every three years to keep up with the ever changing rules and regulations of the program. The counselors have used their skills to help families avoid evictions and ward off homelessness by helping to improve budgeting skills. They also provide information on how to negotiate mortgages, and how to improve budgeting skills. Under this program, families are often assisted with monetary emergency funds (E.F.S.P.) or referred to other funding programs for long term assistance with government subsidy programs (Section 8). Collaboration with other agencies is an important tool to use when people are in crisis. Pre-purchase housing counseling is provided to prospective home buyers

Bellport Second Chance Program

This program was established in April 2007. It is designed for people who have been incarcerated and now returning to the community. The program coordinator provides case management to identify the ex-offenders basic needs, and assist them with job readiness, referrals for GED and training programs. Transportation to the Department of labor and the Department of Social Services is provided as well. We also advocate for job opportunities, housing, and assist clients to obtain personal identification. This program is a positive tool for ex-offenders who are interested in changing their behavioral patterns and prevent recidivism. .

BHEP Senior Group

The senior group was established in 1996 for the purpose of providing fellowship among the retirees in the North Bellport Community. The group meets at the Alliance every Thursday between the hours of 12pm and 4pm for a pot luck lunch and other activities.

Quality of Life Programs

The North Bellport area received its designation as a weed and seed site in March 1997 and as a graduate Weed and Seed site since 2007. The purpose of this designation was to work with Suffolk County Police, religious group, and the community residents in crime prevention programs, funding for this program has ceased, but the Alliance has continued this much needed program. An event titled "National Night Out" against crime is held every first Tuesday in August. This event was held on August 7, 2012 at Martha Avenue Park in Bellport. Residents are asked to turn on their porch lights, and join the police, elected officials, religious groups, and their neighbors in an effort to combat crime, drugs, and gangs in our community. A community meeting is held every third Wednesday of the month with elected officials, Suffolk County Police, religious groups, agencies, and community residents to discuss community problems and concerns.

First Time Home Buyers Seminars

Throughout Long Island, first time home buyers of all income levels struggle to break into an escalating real estate market. Many feel frustrated, confused, and unsure about where to start. Meeting with a housing educator gives potential home owners the confidence and skills they need.

Anger Management Program

This is a 10-week course. There is a $100.00 fee for this course.

Community Base initiative Worker

In under served communities (as characterized by graduation rate, poverty rate, and crime rate), proactively engage residents in need and increase the access and responsiveness of services to those residents. Assist residents with job readiness and employment assistance.

The Butterfly Effect Project

To empower young girls, by giving them tools to assist in achieving emotionally stable and self-confidence, which will bring forth a generation of women who are strong, independent and knowledgeable.

It is our goal to ensure that every girl who is enrolled in the program has a fair chance to broaden their horizons, while eliminating obstacles such as mobility, cultural differences and finances. Age 6-13.

Fatherhood Initiative

The Alliance is working with Suffolk County Fatherhood initiative Program.

This program helps fathers improve their abilities, confidence, and relationships (especially personal ones) so they may connect with their partners and children more meaningfully.

The goal is to help fathers recognize their strengths and overcome obstacles that can prevent them from being the most effective and nurturing parent possible. The classes are held at the Alliance.

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